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We are bang in the middle of the summer holiday wave drought, the north east swell direction just bypassing the Cronulla beaches the last 10 days or so. Finally this morning some fun 1-2 footers arrived for those that managed to get to the beach early before the southerly. 


5.50am Saturday 5th January, finally a bit of NE swell makes its way into Cronulla. 


 A unusual shape sunrise this morning. 



My 11 year old son debuting on the surf photo scene with his new Fujifilm XP130 camera. 



Lara ducking under a 2 footer. 


Ocean to plate, if their biting. 



Cronulla looking very pretty at dawn on the 30th December. 



Small waves, big splash. Thursday 27th December at Elouera. 






My favourite image from 2018, a moody dawn taken on the 20th October at the Cronulla pools.